St Louis Dam that forms reservoir on the south side of which Michigan Chemical built it’s plant
Early Michigan Chemical St. Louis factory
Late 1940s DDT production for State Department
Michigan Chemical – Velsicol Chemical plant about 1970
Michigan Chemical looking east – note river contamination
Shooting cows in mid-1970s after contamination with PBB
Michigan Chemical from Pine River
Burn Pit in “operation” during 1970s. Across river from plant site.
Demolition of the Michigan Chemical-Velsicol plant about 1980; to be buried on the old plant site.
Former plant site around 1990 with debris (and waste chemicals) buried under clay cap.
Tombstone placed on former plant site warning of ‘forever’ contamination.
Fish tumors in mid-1990s triggered renewed Superfund clean-up efforts
1999 Emergency Removal of worst sediments
Dredging contaminated sediment 2001
How coffer dam worked to dry-out river bottom
Emergency removal of contaminated sediment begins in 2003
2004 dredging, north side of river
2005 dredging behind St. Louis dam
Removing radioactive waste at Breckenridge site
Testing dead robin in town
Emergency fence around hot spots killing the birds
Task Force Chair, Jane Keon, and City Manager, Bob McConkie, by bench installed to challenge tombstone
Dumping clean soil around formerly contaminate home near old plant site
Community Members Visiting Velsicol Superfund Site – Thermal Remediation Oct. 2019
thermal destruction of contaminants under cap 2019
Our dream? Pine River at west end of county