This section of the website contains information and in some cases copies or links to books, films, photos, and documents related to the work of the Task Force.  It also has a section with descriptions and definitions of names and terms related to the region’s environment, health, economy and history.  The photos in this section and many older documents are in subfiles.


There are many books related to environmental health, however we want to bring to your attention seven related to the PBB accident, health consequences, and the efforts to remediate sites contaminated by Velsicol:

Rachel Carson, Silent Spring (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1962)

Edwin Chen, PBB: An American Tragedy (Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1979)

Thomas H. Corbett, Cancer and Chemicals (Chicago: Nelson Hall, 1977), pp. 121-145

Joyce Egginton, The Poisoning of Michigan (New York: W.W. Norton, 1980) [republished by Michigan State University Press in 2009]

Frederic Halbert and Sandra Halbert, Bitter Harvest (Grand Rapids: W.B. Eerdmans, 19y8)

Jane Keon, Tombstone Town (Creative Space, 2015)

Edward Lorenz, Civic Empowerment in an Age of Corporate Greed (East Lansing: Michigan State University Press, 2012)

FILMS: There are several films that focus on the PBB accident [we have found all of these can be viewed on the Web]:

Bitter Harvest (Charles Fries Production, 1981)

The Poisoning of Michigan (Thames Television, 1977)

Slaughter (an episode from November 1978 of the Lou Grant Show on CBS)


We want to suggest some books, often in electronic editions, that can help prepare young people to put the environmental and health challenges of the region into perspective. We hope teachers and parents will try to have youth read these so they are prepared to help confront the problems we have left for them:

Michael Foreman, One World (London: Andersen Press, 2012)   Grades 2-4

Laurie Lawlor, Rachel Carson and Her Book That Changed the World Paperback (New York: Holiday House, 2014)   Grades 1-4  NOTE: Velsicol Chemical targeted Rachel Carson for attack, threatening a major lawsuit if Silent Spring were published.

Julian Lennon, Heal the Earth (New York: Sky Pony Press, 2018)  Pre-school-K

Julian Lennon, Touch the Earth (New York: Sky Pony Press, 2017)   Pre-school -K

Stephanie Sisson, Spring After Spring: How Rachel Carson Inspired the Environmental Movement (New York: Roaring Brook Press, 2018)    Grades 1-2     NOTE: Velsicol Chemical targeted Rachel Carson for attack, threatening a major lawsuit if Silent Spring were published.

Dr. Seuss, The Lorax (New York: Random House,1971)   Grades K-4


Karen Ball, Hazardous Homestead (Wheaton, Il: Tyndale House, 1992)  Grades 4-6

Chris Barry, Mosquito Point (New York: Royal Fireworks Press,1996)   Grades 7-9

Virginia Bergin, H2O (Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks, 2014)   Grades 8-12

Varda Burstyn, Water, Inc. (Brooklyn: Verso, 2005)   Grades 9-Adult

Mark, Delaney, Misfits, Inc. No. 4: The Kingfisher’s Tale (Atlanta: Peachtree, 2000)   Grades 5-9

Gail Gauthier, Saving the Planet & Stuff (New York: G.P. Putnam, 2003)   Grades 7-9

Jean Craighead George, The Case of the Missing Cutthroats (New York: Harper Collins, 1999)  Grades 3-7

Diane Haynes, Flight or Fight (Toronto: Walrus Books, 2006)   Grades  7-11

Greta Thunberg, One Too Small to Make a Difference (New York: Penguin Books, 2019)  Many formats

PHOTOS: See photo subfile.

NAMES AND TERMS: We have a subfile with explanations and definitions of names and terms you may not be familiar with unless you live in St. Louis or work on other remediations. 


First, we list some documents for which we are in the process of adding links.  These are documents that are permanently important to understanding our work and mentioned elsewhere in the web-site.  In a subfile called our Document Archive are actual copies of documents from the first 12 years of the Task Force’s work.

US EPA maintains a website with much current past information, including many documents related to their work in St. Louis and at other sites across the nation related to Velsicol. For documents related to the plant site in St. Louis, go to: VELSICOL CHEMICAL CORP. (MICHIGAN) | Superfund Site Profile | Superfund Site Information | US EPA

There is a collection of health studies at the PBB Registry’s website on the Emory University, Rollins school of Public Health system. To access these reports, go to: Research (

Below is a listing of the scanned documents in Document Archive (in groups of 4 for easy reading). The words before the colon are the titles you will see in the archive under each thumbnail image which will enlarge to show the whole document:

1993 Site Review: A report from ATSDR that waned of problems with the Velsicol site

001 CAG Presentation Given at MSU: a 2001 Power Point with good maps and photos

2001 Nuclear Report for Breckinridge: prepared by Alma College chemist Melissa Strait

2002 CAG Comments on Settlement: relates to bankruptcy of Fruit of the Loom

2002 CAG Ideas for Plant Site: brownfield redevelopment ideas

2002 Commercial Interests for Plant Site: brownfield development thinking

2002 TAG Letter to EPA: Nov. 22 comments from CAG on DNAPL problems

2003 Ariel Reference of the Pine River: shows river sediment monitoring sites

2003 CAG-Faith Letter: discusses leaking contaminants from Velsicol site

2003 Dog Death to Suspected Toxic Exposure: letter from Murray Borrello

2003 Draft Remediation Investigation Findings: DEQ report from Sept. 17

2003 Email to Scott in Regards to Feasibility Study: Oct. 24 from Sierra Club

2003 Letter to Scott C: Oct. 17 CAG comments on state remedial investigation

2003 Pine River Redevelopment: July 3 brownfield consultant letter

2003 Student Payments: July 16, from Murray Borrello on website design costs

2004 CAG Update Presentation: a CAG Power Point

2004 Health Committee Meeting with ATSDR: CAG strategy document

2004 Response to EPAs Draft JPA: June 1 memo from Jim Heinzman

2004 Smith Farm Updates Presentations: CAG Power Point

2004 TAG Comments on Joint Sample Analysis: May 29 letter to EPA

2004 TAG Study Presentation: Oct. 20 Power point

2005 EPA Update on Pine River: April 19 EPA formal update to city and CAG

2005 Pine River Health Forum Agenda: from Jan 19-20 ATSDR-CAH event

2005 Velsicol Revised Agreement: April Consent Agreement from federal court

2005 Well Water Test Results Presentation: April 26 EPA Power Point

2006 CAG Energy Park Concerns Presentation: June 21 CAG Power Point

2006 CAG Request for an Extension of Comment Period: Dec. 12 to DEQ

2006 CDC Letter to Senator Levin: June 7 related to blood spot complaints

2006 Dr Strait Letter to Attorney General: July 6 on Total Petroleum consent judgment

2006 Environmental Report: Feb. 18 CAG to DEQ

2006 TAG Progress Report: July 12 from CAG to EPA

2007 Borrello Letter to Senator Levin: June 12 on health data related to brain cancer

2007 CAG Update Presentation: Power Point with some good images

2007 Lorenz Letter to NYT About DDT: response to June 5 story criticizing DDT regulations

2008 Letter to Department of Justice: Feb 15 CAG to DOJ related to Velsicol insurance

Borrello Response to Remedial Investigation: undated

CAG Accomplishments: undated

CAG Pamphlet: interesting proposed brochure, undated

CDC Blood Analysis Proposal: Dana Barr et al. undated formal study proposal

CDC Letter about Blood Spots: Jan. 24, 2005 from Dana Barr to Ed Lorenz

CH2 Suggested Remediation: a public relations flyer from CH2M Hill

Chromium in the Pine River: un dated data

Dec 21, 2011Minutes: Monthly meeting minutes

Doctor Fact Sheet Velsicol Worker Exposure: undated prepared for physicians by state

Dr Borrello Response to DDT Use in Africa: undated

Environmental Health in Central Michigan Presentation: CAG Power Point undated

Fish Advisory Summary: from state, no date

Five Year Review Of the Plant Site: CAG technical advisor comments to EPA

George Kubin Letter to Dave Camp About Cleanup Funding: March 9, 2005

Having a Successful CAG Presentation: no date Power Point on public participation

Introduction to Environmental Health Presentation: MDCH for health professionals

Lawyer Letter Paragraphs: no date or author on community needs

Mar 12, 2012 Minutes: long after EPA ROD public meeting

MDCH Velsicol Chemical Exposure List: flyer, no date

Oxford Automotive CAG Settlement: Sept. 6, 2005 federal court document

Oxford Automotive Stipulation: Sept. 20, 2005 final federal court order

Photo Remediation Presentation: Oct 2004 phytoremediation contractor proposal

Pine River Senate Resolution: no date or author

Pollution Profile: from EPA, no date

Short Presentation of Community Stake Holders: maps etc. from 2001 health grant

Summary of Chemicals at Plant Site: no date

Toxics Summary: no date, contaminant descriptions

Velsicol Historical Site Plan: great detailed plant site map from 1950