Agenda for Public Meeting, July 21, 2021 – 7:00 p.m.

Approval of June minutes

Treasurer’s report

Correspondence and Communication:

1. Articles about railroad sampling in The Morning Sun and the Gratiot County Herald

2. Letter to Tech. Advisor asking for an estimate of review of past bird studies documents

3. Project narrative statement for TAG grant –Gary Smith, Brittany Fremion

4. Conversation with state legislators regarding bird study (see item 1 in New Business)

5. Letter about the Superfund tax.

Looking Back:

An article from 2014 about the dead bird problem in St. Louis, and a discussion about the effectiveness of the bird and nest studies funded by the CAG and MSU professor Matt Zwiernik at that time.


Remembering long-time CAG member Phil Ramsey who passed away earlier this month.

(see obituary below on the website)

EPA Report: Tom Alcamo, Remedial Project Manager

· Schedule of work projects at the plant site over the next three years

· Updates on heating in Area 2 Phase 2

· Downstream investigation

· Other

EGLE Report: Erik Martinson, Project Manager

· Railroad spur investigation

· Update on bird study

· Other

Old Business:

1. CAG website update – Ed Lorenz

2. PBB Leadership Team update – Jane Keon, Ed Lorenz, Norm Keon, Brittany Fremion

3. Presentation by Ed and Dr. Michele Marcus for the state’s Interagency Migrant Task Force

New Business:

1. Legislative contacts regarding money for follow-up bird studies – Jim Hall

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